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Help Tech247 is an independent provider of on-demand tech support and is not affiliated with any third party brand unless specified. Instant access to Help Tech247 certified tech experts for of all brands of PCs, Software and connected devices will ensured maximized uptime and optimized perfomance.Help Tech247 is an independent provider of on-demand tech support and is not affiliated with any third party brand unless specified. Instant access to

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Help Tech247 Services

Microsoft Windows Support

The problems of all Microsoft operating systems are resolved by Help Tech247's Technicians. We support Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows NT, Windows 7, Windows 2000 and all other personal and professional editions of Microsoft operating systems. Our Technician’s can help in set-up, upgrade, installation and customization of Windows operating systems on your computer.

Typical Windows Operating Systems issues resolved are:

  • Update and install device drivers for different printers, scanners, cameras and other devices
  • Install Service Packs and Patches for all the main Microsoft operating systems
  • Fix configuration issues with peripheral devices such as network routers, printers, scanners, speaker phones, cameras, mp3 players
  • Tune up your computer and make it run quicker by removing unused applications, fixing the registry file, cleaning up your desktop

Computer and Application Support

Our Technicians can help with several of problems that you may be encountering. We can help install important updates and Microsoft service packs required by certain applications for Windows XP, Vista, NT, and other operating systems. We can help in identifying specific problems you may be running into such as document formatting, a particular feature not working, file recovery etc. We can also install device drivers so that your applications can print, scan and process documents.


Operating system

  • Support for Windows 7, Vista, XP
  • Install, repair, update & configuration
  • Startup, booting and corruption

Wi-fi & Home Network

  • Setup a home or office network
  • Setup wireless and wired LAN
  • Troubleshoot networking issues

PC Optimization

  • Speed your PC make apps work faster
  • Increase boot time, reduce CPU usage
  • Boost space on your hard disk

Computers & Notepads

  • Setup backup on internal/external drives
  • Setup an internet backup system
  • Recover your data

Anti Virus & Malware

  • Detect if your PC is infected
  • Remove virus, malware, spyware
  • Support for all popular anti-virus

Printers & Scanners

  • Install, repair and update drivers
  • Setup wireless and network printers
  • Fix printing and scanning issues

Software Applications

  • MS Office 2010, 2007, 2003 install
  • Application compatibility issues
  • Custom applications support

Email Set Up

  • Sets up your email account
  • Important mails backup
  • Great for new novice email users

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